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Title: Lajido, Pico | Viewpoints | Azores Top 10 Things To Do
Category: Pico Island
Description: The Lajido is a locality of the parish of Santa Luzia, Municipality of São Roque do Pico, island of Pico, archipelago of the Azores. This place that goes by the name of the fact that it is located on extensive lava flows is mostly made up of old wineries located near the coast, surrounded by land used for growing the vineyard, particularly the Verdelho. Here you will find one of the important The Wine Culture Zones of Pico Island, in this case, the Northern Zone. In Lajido is located the Hermitage of Our Lady of Purity, whose construction was carried out in the Largo do Lajido, as well as one of the factors of transformation of the environment by the man that is more characteristic to him, the Corral of vineyard of Verdelho and Currais destined to the fig tree crop In some places, especially along the coast, already at the exit of Lajido, towards the town of Arcos, these corrals are built in dry stone masonry and with a semicircular shape, to protect fig trees. The opening of the semicircle faces south.
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